Sunday 30 October 2016

Booktuber of the month

Hi everyone,

It is the end of October and I bring to you my lastest find for youtuber of the month.  He seems to be very up beat, which I always like in a person.  He also posts very regularly, one thing I find important when I want to look in on what a tuber has been reading. 

Check out his dog.  The most adorable siberian husky.  I may just watch to see his dog!

Connor O'Brien has a good range of reviews and also incorporates variety with wind-ups, bookcase tours and the all famous unboxing.  There aren't a heap of male booktubers out there in comparison to the girls, but here we go.... Connnor he has made my choice of booktuber for the month of October.  Click the link above or watch the clip I have attached today then take a look over at the rest of his reviews.

As for booktuber nominations, if you have a favourite that you think I should check out then comment below and send me their link.  I will take a look.

Happy reading

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