Friday 10 June 2016

Out of the Ice

Out of the Ice
Author: Ann Turner
ISBN: 9781925030891

I give this book my highest credits.  I sat all yesterday afternoon and read this.  I then fed my family and continued to read.  It is a piece of literary art.  I enjoyed the way Ann Turner wrote with description.  I enjoy reading and listening to classics because of the way they were able to describe while remaining in the context of the story.  Ann Turner did just this in the pages of this novel.

I was taken i to the old village.  I just want to know more about the people who once lived there, the secrets and the truth which seemed hidden until the climax and end pages.  There was mystery upon mystery capturing my imagination all the way through.  If only Ann was able to read my mind as I read this book, she would almost have another novel in the making.  This is what makes a mystery a good mystery.  One where the reader makes up ideas only to be miss lead in the twists that unravel in the end chapters. 

The climax was beyond what I imagined as I was taken away from the original scenery and placed on a plane.  This got me thinking.  Why was I being taken away from the main mystery?  I have to say I needed a coffee at this stage.  But I was not disappointed as Ann Turner lead me down another avenue and then managed to completely tie up the whole mystery with not a speck left out.  This was what made the book, for me.  It was refreshing have every little question answered.  It seemed to me that no detail was left out.  I give her credit for this.

I will pick up any book by this author after reading this.  She has made her way up my favourite Author list.


By the bestselling author of The Lost Swimmer, a tense, eerie thriller set in the icy reaches of Antarctica

When environmental scientist Laura Alvarado is sent to a remote Antarctic island to report on an abandoned whaling station, she begins to uncover more than she could ever imagine.

Despite new life thriving in the icy wilderness, the whaling station is brimming with awful reminders of its bloody, violent past, and Laura is disturbed by evidence of recent human interference. Rules have been broken, and the protected wildlife is behaving strangely.

On a diving expedition, Laura is separated from her colleague. She emerges into an ice cave where, through the blue shadows, she is shocked to see an anguished figure, crying for help.

But in this freezing, lonely landscape there are ghosts everywhere, and Laura begins to sense that her own eyes cannot be trusted. Is her mind playing tricks? Has she been in the ice too long?

Back at base, Laura’s questions about the whaling station go unanswered, blocked by unhelpful scientists, unused to questions from an outsider. And Laura just can’t shake what happened in the ice cave.

Piecing together a past and present of cruelty and vulnerability that can be traced all around the globe, from Norway, to Nantucket, Europe and Antarctica, Laura will stop at nothing to unearth the truth. As she sees the dark side of endeavour and human nature, she also discovers a legacy of love, hope and the meaning of family. If only Laura can find her way...

Out of the ice.

Happy reading

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