Friday 6 May 2016

The lost tools of learning

The Lost Tools of Learning
Author: Dorothy L Sayers

Paper read at a Vacation Course in Education
Oxford 1947
First published in 1948

I came across this book and thought it would be an interesting little read. In reality it is not a book; never was a book; but rather an essay.  Nothing like picking up a classic essay from time to time, and analysing how things are in comparison to today's ideas. 

What did I think?  I was impressed.  Maybe it is time to re-analyse some of the avenues of today's education system.  There is a lot to be said for the reading statistics in today's public schools.  When I look at the books that were gifted to my elderly friend as a child... the reading was extremely hard in comparison to the books my children are reading today, at an even older age than she.  There has to be some thing said about the education she was given, in comparison to the systems today.  Or do we just not have the time for reading in a world where socialisation abounds and technology is at our fingers. 

She writes of the classical education.  There seems to be a lot popping up on the web about classical educations.  I know there are many home-school families that endeavour to educate there children in such a way.  There is also much documentation arising of charter schools which follow the avenue of a classical education. The results are looking good for many such schools.  Can we go back?  No, one can never totally go back, but why not mix the good of both. 

This essay has some good information and points worth pondering over.  Well worth reading, its not long and with a good cup of coffee, I am sure it will give you much to think about.

This is available all over the web by Googling 'The lost tools of learning' or grab a copy for your kindle from Amazon, it was only 81cents when I purchased it.

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Happy reading

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