Tuesday 8 March 2016

In search of answers


Worthy of repeating!

I had to show this quote that came to my Facebook page this week.  I love cats.  They never fail to show their personalities.  If you want to know a cat with personality, then you should be introduced by my cat, "Kitty'.  When I saw this quote I had to laugh.  I could just imagine my cat reading my copy of 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' in search of the same answers.  She is a keen hunter and we have to keep her inside until the sun is fully up or she torments all the birds.  To find new ways to achieve her one life calling, above eating, I think she would learn to read. 
This quote links  a fantastic book with one of my favourite books, so it had to become my worthy of repeating for this week.  Thanks for sharing this around the Facebook world and beyond for those out there that can connect with the possibility of such a thing, and laugh
Keep smiling and reading


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