Sunday 28 February 2016

Book-tuber of the month

Hi everyone

I am having trouble believing it is the end of February, but it is!  So, I had to search my subscription list for my choice of book tuber this month. 

And, here we have it.  Drum roll, please.  My choice for book tuber this month goes to Abookutopia.  She has a spark about her and she posts regularly.  Not only does she do what everyone else in be tubing world is doing, she ventures out into the big wide world to bookstores and Hogwarts.  Now, having just completed the Harry Potter series with my son, how can not look into how others are interpreting these stories.

Take a look in on abookutopia and see what she is offering the book world.  Good on you abookutopia keep tubing and bringing life to books for the teen audience. 

To all you other book tubers out there, let me know who you are by leaving a comment or a link below.  I would love to look into your channel and see what your are reading. 
Happy reading


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