Tuesday 15 December 2015

Worthy of repeating

Hi everyone

This morning I woke up, jumped out of bed (sorry I am a morning person) and sat down with my breakfast and emails.  Marie Forleo regularly inspires me or gets me thinking and this morning was no different.  I have placed her posting below for you watch.  I think she makes some good points about how we spend our days working when we want to spend time doing the things that are really important to us.  It is all about choice.  Sometimes I think I have no choice as the demands around me expand.  In reality, I do.  I just have to breathe.  I am sure I forget to do this sometimes!  Come on guys, who out there goes about their day and hardly takes the time to breathe, I can't be the only one! 

As we enter into the holiday season, first off take the time to breathe.  At least, take enough time to realise you are breathing.  It is so important to relax and realise you are alive, you are a person, and you are worthy.  Then look around you.  See the family and friends.  If you have little or no family then what friends have become your family.  If you feel alone... it's a lie!  Just shut your eyes and see what stands in front you, it may surprise you to remember the people you haven't phoned this year.

All the best
Keep reading and smiling

Special thanks goes out to Marie Foleo for staying true to herself as she inspires people to be all they can be.  Your video clips are always fun and informational, keep going girl!

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