Tuesday 15 September 2015

Logic to the rescue

Logic to the rescue: adventrues in reason
Author: Kris Langman
ISBN: 978-0-98209270005

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This was a hit with my kids.  They were disappointed to have it end.  Locic to the rescue was written to introduce logical fallacies and basic science to kids.  It does a tremendous job of doing so.

When Nikki makes a mistake during a debating competition she runs to escape everyone.  In a cupboard she is taken by two imps to a different realm.  The king asks her to help save the realm from superstition which has dominated the realm.  She encounters everyone wearing odd socks to prevent sickness,  spending their money on wishes and that is just a taste of the stupidity the realm is under.  As the book progresses the author intertwines many logical fallacies in an enjoyable story.  The second half of the book is an introduction to science and chemistry.  This got son thinking and seeking out many things to attempt the things in the story.  

My kids and I recommend this book to everyone with kids.  If your a teacher then check it out.  If your a kid then pick it up and read it.  

I read this from my kindle which meant we could look up the chemicals and fallacies.  I looked into where to get it from and could only find it through Amazon so if anyone can find it else where the place a comment below for us all 
Available through kindle and Amazon 

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