Tuesday 1 July 2014

Deeper Reading


Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts 4-12
Kelly Gallagher
ISBN: 9781571103840
Pages: 228

Deeper Reading: Comprehending Challenging Texts, 4-12
I really like this author.  Kelly Gallagher is a full-time English teacher in California, who has been teaching high school for twenty-five years and writes how to effectively teach reading and writing.  In this book he writes about teaching reading at a deeper level for grades 4-12.  This is the reason I found this book a tremendous resource.  There are so many books and tools for teaching reading to primary levels.  Yet I have found little for reading with high school students (I am sure there is plenty out there so let me know which ones you recommend). 
This is the list of chapters:
  • Why reading is like baseball
  • Teaching challenging text
  • Focusing the reader
  • Effective first-draft reading
  • Deepening comprehension through second-draft reading
  • The importance of collaboration
  • Using metaphor to deepen comprehension
  • Leading students to meaningful reflection
  • Reading the world
  • The art of teaching deep reading
This book got me thinking about how we expect young adults to comprehend without question.  I know how many times I have had to read and re-read a text to write an assignment for it.  Yet, how often do we hand young adults a book and say read this... and expect they will understand?  How much do they know, previously about the topic, to grasp the concepts they are expected to understand?  This book addresses the way teachers assume the student should read and comprehend with little prior knowledge to bring to the book.
This was available from:  Fishpond and Book Depository

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