Sunday 1 June 2014

They loved to laugh


They Loved to Laugh
Author: Kathryn Worth
ISBN: 978-1-883937-16-4
Pages: 254
They Loved to Laugh

This book was so highly recommended by my daughter that it wouldn't go away.  She kept saying "Have you read that book yet!"  Very bossy I know!  So eventually I gave in and read it. 
Turns out it was actually really worth the read.  I sat in bed on the cold nights and read away many hours each night, until I found out the out come of each event.  Some were sad and some made me laugh.  They boys were typical little boys that caused her nothing but grief just for the sake of a laugh.  As she became a part of the Gardner family she learnt to prank the boys/men and she learnt to laugh.
This is what my daughter wrote about this book:  "This is an amazing book which made me realise the true meaning of laughing.  Martitia is an unpredictable character whom I enjoyed very much.  This would be one of my favourite books of all times."
I recommend this book for age 12+
It was available from: Book Depository, Fishpond and Amazon

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