Wednesday 14 May 2014

The great turkey walk

The Great Turkey Walk
Author: Kathleen Karr
ISBN: 978-0-374-42798-6
Pages: 197

The Great Turkey Walk

Can you just imagine: one thousand turkeys being walked across your nation.  Well, this is what is done in this story.  It makes me laugh to just imagine it.  But it was a fact of life many years ago. 

Fifteen year old Simon Green is made to leave school.  He has just finished third grade for the fourth time.  Everyone thinks he is incapable of everything except his teacher.  When he comes up with a plan to by one thousand turkeys and walk them from Missouri to Denver his teacher, Miss Rogers, helps him get started.  He finds himself a drover and sets off.  Along the way the he makes friends who assist him.  He meets his long last father who does everything possible to cheat his son out of his profits.  Yet, despite every obstacle he continues on his venture. 

We laughed, sighed and thought "What!" all the way through this book.  It is a well written novel based on the adventures of turkey walkers in 1860.

This book is recommended for ages 10 plus and was available from Book depository, Amazon, and Whitcoulls

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