Tuesday 8 April 2014

The Cross and the Switchblade


The Cross and the Switchblade
Author: David Wilkerson
ISBN: 987-0-515-09025-3
Pages 172

Cross and the Switchblade, the

The cover of this book states, "A true story- the best selling inspirational adventure of all time!"
Wow!  This book had me hanging to the next page so many times.  I read it because it is on my daughters reading list and I wanted to see if it was age appropriate.  I will hold on to the book a little longer before giving it to her.  Mainly due to the professions of some of the gang members.  But it is one that I will have her read when I feel she is ready.  I recommend if your child is a young teen, you read should it yourself first and decide when you feel they are ready.
It is about a country preacher from Pennsylvania who is drawn, by a newspaper article, to go to New York.  There he finds he can not leave the young people stuck in the world of gangs.  He moves his family there. This amazes me!  The danger he sees every day yet he moves his young family. It is amazing what is accomplished and the work that is still being accomplished.  There is meant to be a sequel to this book being written. 

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