Sunday 5 September 2021

Booktuber of the Month


Hi Everyone

I have been enjoying 'For love of classics' Youtube channel for a while now and I find her very enjoyable to watch.  Most of her book hauls and reviews cover classical literature.  I like the way that she manages to make 'classics' sound like a new piece of literature.  No matter what she is reviewing I always end up thinking, "I must read that".

Well, if that isn't a good enough reason to check out her Youtube channel, then you really need to take a look at this clip.  She has two young ladies helping her bring to you some children's books.  They do a fantastic job and they made me smile the whole way through.  Together they made reading sound like sound so much fun.  

These two young ladies might just get to help bring you more children's books in the future if you give them a little support.  Lets keep the kids encouraged and take a look in on the choices they have shared.

Great work ladies!

Happy reading

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