Tuesday 14 November 2017

Titch the Itch

Titch the Itch
Author: B. C. R. Fegan
Illustrated by Lenny Wen

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I have had the pleasure of recieving another one of B. C. R Fegan's books.  I am now officially a keen reader of this author!  Three books and I love them all 🙌

On the first page... Titch is introduced as a 'no-reason-at-all-itch'.  I found this interesting to start with.  A 'no-reason-at-all-itch'.  I know its a minor thought but I thought this was a very clever beginning.  He proceeds to try and make friends but nobody wants him around.  Okay lets look at this concept... It is a very good talking point with young children.  How often do they come across the unfriended kids at daycare, kindergarten and school?  Sometimes these kids are even annoying just like an itch, but they still have feelings.  Good talking point!

The next few pages are brilliant illustrations introducing the family in which Titch thinks he is just being a friend with.  Until the dad doesn't want him around.  This makes Titch state "didn't friends stick together - no matter what?  

Get the idea!

This book is brilliant.  Just wait till you see where it leads. I am going to use this book for more than just a picture book to be read at bed time.  


When Titch discovers that no one in his family wants him, he sets off on a journey to find someone – anyone – who would be willing to live with an itch. With every step he grows less hopeful. That is, until he meets an old friend.
Sometimes in life we come up against big problems. At other times, they are only Titch problems. Titch the Itch gently explores the idea that living with small problems is a reality of life. Whether we sustain an injury, lose our homework or have an itch that just won’t scratch, not all problems can be fixed right away. But that’s okay – because sometimes these problems just want to be friends.

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