Wednesday 18 October 2017

Tovi the penguin goes trick-or-treating

Tovi the penguin goes trick-or-treating
Author: Janina Rossiter
Tovi the Penguin Goes Trick-or-Treating
Hi Everyone

Tovi the Penguin goes trick-o-treating is free on Kindle over at today.  So, I have it now on my Kindle and as I open the pages I am going to share what I think...

First impressions are... cute!  Good colour and it looks like a simple read.

I like the way print is in the clouds.  I don't know what it is about this concept but it is grabbing my attention as I read.  I will ask my students what they think over the next week and see if they feel the same as they read it.

Okay... I love the little penguin and his wheelbarrow 😊

So, here we have Tovi and his friends in a pumpkin patch looking for the right pumpkin, then there is a scarecrow, turn the page and 'BOOM, CRASH, BANG' and I am left giggling.  The illustrations are awesome.

This book is so simple in it's concept that I love it.  It is well plotted and well presented.  I think I want a copy of this in paperback so I could read it to the little people in my life.  I'm flicking through the pages and smiling all the way.  The language is brilliant for our little ones and the book would still interest the early readers.  And, then there are the people that never out grow picture books, like me!  

So, it's free today why not pick up your Kindle or phone, where ever you may have a Kindle app loaded, and take a look.  I'm going to be sharing it over the next week or two 👻


It's autumn and Tovi and his friends are getting ready to celebrate Halloween.
After Tovi’s decorated his house, the friends all meet at the farm to pick pumpkins. But what a surprise they get while they’re there! It gives them a good idea for a Halloween trick! Will their trick work? And will they get treats? Let’s find out ....

Happy reading

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