Tuesday 24 October 2017

I rode a horse of milk white jade

I rode a horse of milk white jade
Author: Diane Lee Wilson
ISBN: 978-1-4022-4027-0

Hi Everyone,

Once again I have just finished a book my daughter has been telling me to read for a while now.  She has such good taste in books!  This book came to our bookcase via Sonlight curriculum  My children really enjoyed reading through their books and I recommend most of the books they have on their reading lists.  There has been a few that have been really dull, but overall most of the book my kids have read from the Sonlight reading list have been worth reading.

Anyway,  to this book.  It was a page turner.  To be honest the first few chapters I could have given or taken whether I read the rest.  But once she got her horse the book really switched up in pace.  I was impressed by the characters, they all had distinctive placement in the plots importance.  As for Oyuna... for a very young girl she completed tasks far beyond her years.  But, it was believable, as one knows times have changed and what is expected of many young people now is not what expected in times gone past.  This is what I noticed most about this book, the strength and endurance of such a young lady.

By the end the end the life lesson is distinctive.  The ability behind and understanding of her life lesson is highlighted in such a way that I think any middle grade reader would take hold of it and think far beyond the books end.

So just as my daughter recommended I read, I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade, I recommend you and your children read this book.  You will have plenty to think and talk about after doing so.


When Oyuna was a baby, a horse accidentally crushed her foot, cursing her family with bad luck.  Oyuna vows to restore good fortune to her family... but how?

One fateful day, soldiers from the great Khan's army invade her village to steal horses and gather new soldiers.  In hopes of bringing honor to her family, Oyuna courageously disguises herself as a boy and joins the soldiers on their quest.

With only her horse and her cat to keep her company, Oyuna sets off on an amazing journey across deserts and mountains - a journey that will change her life forever.

Happy reading

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