Monday 15 May 2017

Proper goodbye

Proper Goodbye
Author: Connie Chappell
ISBN: 9781612967806

Proper Goodbye

Hi Everyone,

This is the second book I have read by this author and I have enjoyed them both. 

What I enjoyed the most about this book was the realism.  The characters and plot were realistic and I found myself sensing the emotions as I travelled through the pages.  As Bebee lost her position in the church and went though her own religious trials, I could feel her grief and the questioning of her choice of employment in the first instance.  Then she found out about the loss of her mother, whom had many issues and had made lots of bad choices which had effected Bebee, I quikcly became drawn to Bebee's character.  She wanted to fix her father, but had things to fix within herself and the writing of this novel portrayed all this in such a way that it was real and more than a plot line.

Cliff, Bebee's father, was a brilliant peice of artistry in Connie Chappell's writing.  Every emotion he had seem raw.  Although he hid behind the past, trapped in the past, he was angry yet gentle all ta the same time.  He seemed to deal with the loss of his wife, and the past, as any man would. 

The other characters seemed to drift in and out of the story, all fitting in to bring the plot to a closure as questions were answered and things brought together in final chapters.  There were twists that kept me turning the pages, even at times becoming tempted to skip read to find where the story was leading me.

I like Connie Chappell's writing.  She writes with realism and innocence both of which draws me to her novels and the characters within.


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