Tuesday 16 May 2017

New to booktube

Hi Everyone,

I have managed to stumble across Elizabeth over at her chanel "Elizabeth's Shelf Life".  She is new to the booktube world and I am really enjoying her clips.  She reads all sorts of books including adult!  Awesome Elizabeth, we need more booktubers with a wide genre and age group in there clips. I really like this about her clips as I read a wide range of genres rather than sticking to the same old norm that everyone else is reading around me... it makes reading interesting and I am sure it will make her clips interesting.

She has a maturity about her that I think I am going to enjoy.  At the moment she only 7 clips up but they are regularly being put up which means that each time I look in on her she seems to have something new to inform me about. 

Take a look at the above clip as she tells you a lot about herself and what she is wanting from her channel. 

I will be watching Elizabeth with hope that she continues on with her booktubing adventure.

All the best Elizabeth!

Happy reading

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