Friday 10 March 2017


Author: Morris Glenitzman
ISBN: 9780141324821

Hi Everyone,

This book is the second book in the Once, Then, and Now series by Morris Gleitzman.  It is just as good as the first book which I reviewed earlier this week... 'Once'

I followed Felix and Zelda as they found a new family, changed their names, and pretended to be someone else; just to survive.  It was a masterpiece of written literature.  As I came to the last part of their journey in this book, I was utterly shocked.  It didn't end the way I expected.  It also didn't end they way I would have thought this genre of book would have.  I had to pick up the next book!

This series is best read as a series.  I still think, as I reviewed with Once, that this would be a fantastic read aloud.   There are so many parts of this book that could and should be talked about, to enable the young reader to further understand the writing.

I am reading the third book in this series, Now.  It is written from a different perspective and I think it is going to be a great tying up of the series.  I will have that review up for you next week. 

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In "Then" - Morris Gleitzman's heartbreaking children's novel set during the Nazi occupation of Poland during the Second World War - Jewish orphan Felix and his best friend Zelda have been captured and are on the way to a concentration camp, unless they manage to escape...A little hope goes a long way. I had a plan for me and Zelda. Pretend to be someone else. Find new parents, be safe forever. Then the Nazis came. My name is Felix. This is my story.

This was available from: Book depository and Fishpond

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