Wednesday 4 January 2017

Bend in the road

Hi Everyone,

As we leave our holiday's and 2016 behind us, I hope that you will all found a way to walk around the bend in the roads you endured last year.  I know the holiday I have just had with my family has given me a fresh mind. 

I biked down the track in the above picture with my son.  It was a breezy day, but the sun was shining and on this cycle track there wasn't a breath of wind... only my son and myself.  We stopped and took photos of a bird which was so content that my boy had to slam on his breaks because it wasn't going to move.  It was a tiny little thing.  Beautiful in colour and content to just stroll about the bush enjoying its day.  So much so, it didn't care that two cyclists were about to run it down.  We got off our bikes and followed it taking photos.  This little bird was not worried about much at all, let alone the bend in the road ahead of it. 

As I venture into a new year I will come across many bends in my road.  I just hope I take the perspective of our new little friend and enjoy the scenery, sun and peace, that is surely some where around us if we take the time to stop and look.  The last few years I have had little time to stop, let alone look.  This year I will try.  We can only try!

Wishing you all a good year with bends that aren't too sharp.

Happy reading

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