Wednesday 21 December 2016

Wild Raspberries

Wild Raspberries
Author: Connie Chappell
ISBN: 9781612965123

Hi Everyone,

Here we have a book with the ultimate love triangle!  To start with Jack/John dies.  Dan his son also dies, in a different situation.  So, we are left with...

  • A wife - she is also the dominating mother-in-law
  • The daughter in law
  • The girl friend - or rather she is practically a second wife whom Jack has been seeing for over 20 years
  • A counsellor
  • A quilt

What better way to bring out the many truths they have hidden behind their lies, than to go on a trip to the cottage that Jack purchased and left to Callie (the girl friend).  This plot plays with your mind as you untangle all the hidden events that connect all the characters.

Just as friendships seem to unravel so does another link in the web of lies.  This is one drama I wont forget in a hurry.  Some of the lies I saw coming, whereas others shocked me.  This is a well thought out plot that will leave you analysing well after the book is finished.  I don't think it is over for me even though the ladies have joined together in harmony, I still have my questions and doubts.  I want to know more about Jack/John.  How did he manage to keep his secrets so long?  Other than a deceptive husband and lover what was he really like.  And, what was Dan (the son) like?  This was touched on a little but I thought he was in the background a little too much.  I wanted to know more about him so I could understand the importance of Lizbeth a bit stronger.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  I have spent the last of my afternoon reading to see the outcome.  It got to the climax and I was hooked for the rest of the book, unable to give it up.


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