Tuesday 13 December 2016


Author: Lesley Pearse
ISBN: 978-0-141-04601-3

Unloved, threatened.
Will anyone help her?

I finished reading Rosie a few days ago.  I couldn't find the words to review this without unfolding the story in my mind.  This book is more than a novel, it is a brilliantly sculpted story that will leave an implant on your life. 

Rosie starts with a little girl in a brutal home.  Until, Heather comes to look after the family and soon becomes part of the family.  When she disappears the story takes a new turn.  As Rosie endeavours to protect her little brother, family secrets begin to unravel and Rosie is left fending for herself, in a world that seeks to ruin her inner-being.  How she doesn't crumble shows immense strength and humanity.

I think in part she survives by finding purpose and meaning in the help and protection she gives to Donald.  The beauty they create together with nature and gardening holds Rosie together.  It can be the only reason, in my mind, that she didn't end up in an asylum like the one she worked.  All around her the people in her life took her in, only to trample on her and try to cut down her spirit.  I could have screamed many a time at the characters in this book! 

There is so much I could say about Rosie but there is no way that I can venture into it without spoilers.  I have become to passionate, and opinionated, about the characters to hold a conversion without spoilers.  If you want a book that you wont be able to put down for the Christmas season, then don't look past this one on the book shelves.  Lesley Pearse managed to take draw me in until I was almost a background character, viewing everything but not able to help.

Seriously, this book book will leave you quietly thinking, long after you are finished.


Her brutal, violent family will be
the death of her...

Without a mother., Rosie is at the mercy of her father and thuggish brothers.  Then on day a friend comes to the farm in the form of cockney housekeeper Heather Farley.

But soon enough Heather vanishes, abandoning Rosie to her fate.  Only when Thomas Farley comes t find his sister several years later, does Rosie learn the terrible truth about Heahter - and her family.

Running away from home, she finds herself pursued by the man who brought ruin on her family.  Is he out to ger her too?  Or could he have some other reason for chasing her?

This was available from: Fishpond, Book depository and Amazon

Happy reading

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