Friday 16 December 2016

Once Upon a Snowy Night

Hi Everyone

With Christmas only one week away, I wanted to post this poem by one of my favourite poets - Robert Frost.  This poem can be read in many ways, with many interpretations.  With Christmas upon us it is easy to see Christmas time in the meaning, but was it so?  This is what I love about poetry. The way we can read mean into the words, dependant on our surroundings and social content of the moment.  How we can all get a different meaning or vision from exactly the same words.  And how for years after the poet places the words upon the page, we all argue what he meant.  If only I could hold a conversation with some of these writers and see what was in their heads when they wrote it.  Think about it... would they laugh at our interpretation in comparison to their initial meaning? 

To all you who get snow at Christmas, I hope you enjoy the beauty and peace it brings.  We have summer and I hope for a beautiful day where all the kids can have water fights, while we adults enjoy the company of others outside in the sun.

Happy reading

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