Friday 2 December 2016

Grandpa's shorts...

Grandpa's Cardigan and Grandpa's Shorts
Authors: Joy Watson and Wendy Hodder

Grandpa's Shorts...

They are comfy and cool,
saggy and baggy - and terribly old!
Grandpa thinks his long-lost shorts
will be just right for the beach..
But what will grandma say about them?

Grandpa's Cardigan

It is snuggly and soft, patchy and scruffy,
and just the perfect shade of grey.
But where are those missing buttons...
and what is that big hole?
It is time for a new cardigan, Grandpa!

Who out there doesn't know someone that these two books can relate to 👀 ?  I giggled all the way through 'Grandpa's Shorts' as I envisioned people and put them into characters in this book.  Grandma busy putting everything away with hope that Grandpa doesn't find his old shorts.  As for the shirt that he finds to accompany the old shorts.  This book has to be a classic!

So I couldn't resist it.  I had to buy 'Grandpa's Cardigan' as well.  This one made me laugh just as much.  Poor Grandpa goes shopping for a new cardigan while Grandma cheerfully mends his old one and sends it off the the op shop, ever so pleased to see the end of it.  After a long day shopping Grandpa takes a rest in the op shop and returns home with a new cardigan... I am sure you can guess what cardigan he returns home with. 

I love these books!!!  They are real stories.  You have to laugh while you read these, you just have to!

These were available from: Fishpond, Book depository and every bookshop in my area so keep a look out at your bookstore

Happy reading

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