Thursday 3 November 2016

Storm catchers

Storm Catchers
Author: Tim Bowler
Read by: Mark Medows
ISBN: 9781471327452

Storm Catchers reminded me of the classical books, Famous Five, but the ending blew me away.  I listened to this contently, while I cooked meals and cleaned up after the family, quickly becoming enticed by the words playing in my ears.  It had it's share of suspense, just enough for any young teen to connect with.  I connected well with the characters.  The plot flowed perfectly, which I would think my young reader would follow and comprehend with ease.  I really enjoyed this book the whole way though, as it lacked all the 'dribble'.

What amazed me most about Storm Catchers was the ending.  I was surprised that the happy-ish ending was connected to family deceit and betrail.  I am sure any young adult or teen will connect with the ending as there are so many families that have their share of issues.  What I did wonder, is if there is a need for this kind of stucture in a book or if it is better that an individual, especially teens (excluding young adult), be able to escape some of the issues adults place on the youngs ones.  And, do all children/teens need to have such behavior normalised? Or, is reality a neccesity as they emerge into the adult world?

What do you think? 

Other than these little thoughts rolling around in my head, I really enjoyed this book.  I listened to it on audio, and recommend the audio version.  I have discovered the world of audio books and love it just as much as sitting down with a good book in had.


"Tell a soul and she's dead. We'll be in touch." The kidnap shocks the whole family. Ella has been snatched away from the house in the middle of a storm. Her brother Fin will never forgive himself for leaving her on her own. And now Sam, their little brother, has gone wandering on the cliff to "catch the storm" as it blows out to sea. As the kidnapper's plans unfold, all the members of the family are forced to confront their deepest, darkest secrets. Fin comes to realize that Ella is not the only victim and that the real villain may be closer to home than anyone thought. A new storm is breaking on the horizon. And it's going to change everything....

Happy reading

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