Wednesday 23 November 2016

Harry the happy mouse

Harry the Happy Mouse
Author: N. G. K
Illustrated by: Janelle Dimmett

Hi Everyone

This was free this morning at Amazon (in kindle format).  I had to have it because title and cover just looked so cute.  I then read it on my kindle phone app so I could have the pictures in colour. 

It is fantastic!   

The most adorable book about kindness and how it spreads. 

I have to have it in paperback!

The words enticed me as they twisted around my tongue so I made my teenagers listen to a cute read aloud.  They are never to old 😉 well at least they humoured me. 

On the crest of a wave, and the wisp of the wind,
Harry the Happy Mouse was thinking good things.

And that's just the first page.  It kind of has a happy childhood memory entwined in the background for me.  There must have been a book I had read to me that sounded like this, as really it made me smile with a reminiscent smile.

So here you go I have done the homework for you and you can get a copy from Amazon, Fishpond and Book depository  or if you are quick enough you still get the free kindle copy today by clicking the Amazon link above.  I enjoyed it on Kindle, it was well formatted, but the book version will be coming to my bookshelf as I think it deserves a place there.

Happy reading

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