Friday 25 November 2016

Booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone

The month of November is quickly coming to an end, so I have gone through my favourite booktubers to bring you my picking for November's booktuber of the month!!

Here we have her...

Felicity over at her booktubing channel

I choose Flick as my choice of booktuber this month because she almost 'bursts' with excitement when she shows her books.  I like the way she reads the back cover for us.  This has made me add quite a few books to my TBR list on Goodreads

In the above clip she shows the books she has read over October and the books she has received or purchased during October.  I am so jealous... I want all those books too!  She has ruined me, I want to read, pretty much, every one of those books now. 

Take a wonder over to her channel and check it out.  I am off to the book store! Okay, I will control the need... just for now. 

Who are your favourite booktubers?

Happy reading

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