Monday 7 November 2016

Dont Quit

Hi Everyone,

The authorship of this poem seems to be a little controversial and lost over time.  I have done a search as to the the author and come up with several names, the most common being -  Edgar A. Guest (1881-1959). 

Who ever wrote it, I hope they got the due credit.  I had this little verse on a pretty little scroll, when I was a teenager.  I loved it and treasured the words.  I gave it away to a person who had cancer and they held on to it, treasuring the words as a gift. 

Today I thought I would find a poem for you all and I remembered this one.  I remember the gift it was to me through the teenage trials and the gift it became to the person I handed it onto.  I give this poem to each one of you that needs a little lift; especially to all who need to be reminded that you must not quit!

Happy reading

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