Thursday 20 October 2016

Hunt for the Wilderpeople - movie review

Hi Everyone,

The kids and I thought we should have a movie night last night, so off to the DVD shop we went.  We left the DVD store with "Hunt for the Wilderpeople".  This was my son's choice as he had already seen it at the movies and thought we all needed the experience.  We cooked some hokey pokey and coated it in healthy-ish homemade chocolate, then settled down to our movie night.

This movie is brillliant.  There is a bit of bad language and violence but nothing that offended me too much and I found it fine for my young teens (you make your own opinion for your own kids here).  As for funny, we laughed all the way through.  The actors were perfect for the movie.  I loved the troubled boy, who really was just a real boy.  I would have cried in a couple of scenes, but I kept it all under control. 

This movie has inspired my boy to read more of Barry Crump's books.  I have no idea what the contents of these books are like so I had better get reading myself and check them out.  But anything that gets my boy inspired to read more is always a good thing.

I know Barry Crump's books use to fly off the bookshelves when I worked in the retail.  If they are anything like this movie I can see why.  There was a bit of everything in this movie.  It's a movie we all enjoyed, which is often a hard thing to achieve when you have a family of teens.

Movie trailer available on Youtube

Family movie nights are a treasure and memory builting event, so how about making some treats and grabing a DVD to enjoy together.

Happy reading

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