Saturday 22 October 2016

Shattered Conscience

Author: Darren Sugrue
Release date: 30 October 2016

Hi Everyone,

I have been waiting for this book!  You can get a copy of it via Amazon next week.  You really should get yourself a copy, it is a brilliant piece of writing.   I would like to see this book on the top 10 shelves in every book store.  If you haven't found one of Darren Sugrue's novels yet, look him up.   I have read both of his books and not been able to put either one down until the last page is closed.  

In this novel you will be taken to world of crime, terrorism, investigation.  I couldn't put it down without knowing that Connor was going to be removed from the prime suspect list.  Each page made it worse, as Sophie and Connor found answers.  I wanted to yell at the investigators!  How ignorant can people be when they seek answers?  I could see the dynamics from each angle and the frustration kept me turning the pages.  I wanted to know more about each character as I connected to the situation.

It didn't end the way I wanted it to.  I love this in a book.  Unpredicted outcomes makes a book realistic, more than just another read. 

Truely you should read the this authors books.  I reviewed his first book 'The Prediction' and loved it.  It was a page turner too.  So I waited patiently for Darren's next novel and finally got to read another page turner that I will be recommending to all my friends. 

Now I should really get some sleep!  Connor and Sophie, along with the characters in this book have kept me awake all night as I dealt with their situation.  I can now leave their world and shut my eyes, or maybe I will just contenplate the outcome of this story a little more.


To face the future, he must confront his past
Connor Harrigan lives a simple expat life in Amsterdam, with a beautiful wife and twelve-year-old daughter. When a bomb blasts through the centre,
killing his wife and putting his daughter in a coma, he is forced to confront a dark past he so desperately wanted to forget.
Detective Sophie Reyner is struggling as a single-parent with a demanding job. When assigned to the bomb investigation she forms
a friendship with Harrigan that takes them down a path of drug-trafficking and murder...
The Shattered Conscience is a thriller intertwined with a human tale about dealing with mistakes
from the past and how far you would go to protect the ones you love. 

This is available from Amazon as of the 30th October 2016

Happy reading

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