Friday 30 September 2016

Movie review

Hi everyone,

It's school holidays here so it was off to the movies today.  What to choose?  Ummm?  Of course it was a book I had read, Miss Peregrine's Home of Peculiar Children.  I was interested in seeing if it ruined the book, much like most of the movies I have watched after reading a good book. 

Not this time!  I really enjoyed the movie.  It had one lady in the theatre very jumpy, we all heard her.  But at the same time I had no issues with the content for my boy.  That is not to say I recommend young children go to this movie, use your initive with your own children... My boy is a young teen.

Anyway, did it add up to the book.  Yes!  Finally a movie that I enjoyed just as much as the book.  Doesn't happen very often but this time I enjoyed ever bit of the movie and every bit of the book. Of course there is more in the book to enjoy.  There is only so much time in a movie screening.  There was a couple of parts I can't remember being in the book and I am not going back to read the book, you will have to read it yourselve and figure it out. 

For my book review connect here:  Miss Peregrine's... book review

And, for your viewing here is the trailer which you can find on Youtube.

Well it's the weekend again so hope you all have something great planned.

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