Wednesday 28 September 2016

Hi Everyone,

Seriously, the background of this quote is the sky out my window this morning!  Can you believe it!

It looks so murky but truely by the end of the day the sun will be shining.  It is all just a trick of the eye as the sea fog rolls in each morning at the moment.  It has been like this for days.  The morning is foggy then by the mid-day the sun is shinning something glorious as the spring begins to abound around us.  The morning starts off with the the sheep (yes we have sheep) lazing in the paddock but by mid morning the lambs are bouncing all over the place as life is new and exciting.

It got me thinking of this quote as I thought of what I could offer you this morning.  It seems to me the 'cloud people' are often the ones we focus our thoughts, energy and time on when in reality there are beautiful people around us, that want to encourage us and spend time freely with us.  What is it with human nature?  So I put put the question to you today...

Are you looking at the clouds or what lies beyond them that can bring you joy? 

Not just the people either.  There is a whole world waiting out there for you to see the sunshine through the clouds, or fog which ever it may be.  Look beyond the cloud, it will clear!  Life is journey and one of infinate choices.

Have a great day

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