Tuesday 9 August 2016

Educational Flash Back

Hi Everyone,

How much do you know about your country's education system?

I am on my last education paper, towards my degree, and I think it is almost the most interesting.  I went through my country's education system, being educated at a primary, intermediate and secondary school before entering tertiary education.  I was just the same as any 'normal' state educated child.  Now I am studying the history of our Education Acts. 

If you haven't looked into where your education evolved from, research it.  You might find it quite interesting.

I am finding out that although it seems a lot has changed in education, maybe very little has.  We are still battling the same issues that were argued in our original Education Act.  I was one of the students that was educated during the 'Tomorrows schools' and 'No child left behind' arguments.  I have also home educated and tutored, seeing education from the other side of the fence (one of which I originally questioned).  As I research more of our Acts and movements, I am finding myself becoming more interested in my country's history.

We all know of our country's wars... but do we really know what has shaped the people who entered such wars.  What do we know of their education and social backgrounds?

Why did you go to school?

Why did you learn the core subjects?

Why do we place standards on core subjects more than ever today?

Is there more testing today than there was 100 years ago?  It's looking like there was heavy testing and teacher evaluation a century ago.  It was removed, only to return during my lifetime.  Now as I prepare to enter the world of teaching in a state education system, I will face the same arguments for and against standardisation that our forefathers did... Interesting!

Anyway this is what is running through my head at the moment.  I am busy reading documentations rather than some of the books that have mounted up beside my bed.  But I have not lost the plot!  I still read for pleasure.  What passionate reader can resist the books beside there bed... really.

Now go read your book.

Happy reading

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