Friday 12 August 2016

As Man Thinketh

As Man thinketh
Author: James Allen

'A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts'

This book was originally writing a century ago! 

Taking this into consideration I was drawn to reading it, to compare the thoughts of yester-years inspirational writers, to todays.  There is a self-help book, blog, tweet, for everything under the sun; for every personality type and circumstance; available on the net and the book shelves of every library and book store.  We are pampered with wisdom today, yet seem emotionally worse off than our forefathers.

Hence, when I come across this in my Kindle store I had to click - buy.

I was pleasantly surprised by the similarities of todays writers to the past.  We haven't come that far!  That is not to say that I have read a load of self help books, but I have looked ta many for authors and I am always drawn to quotes (have been since my teen years). 

Is it really that we are more emotionally distressed today?  Are we more stressed?

Think about it.  We have technology for everything; washing machines for everything; a machine for every job in the kitchen; electricity to enable us to work the night away; television and computers to enlighten us in our spare time (what spare time!).  

In my opinion, every generation will have their issues.  They will be more stressed than the past.  But in reality we have no 'real' reality of the feelings and stresses of the past generations, as we have not lived in their shoes.  Then again many of the past generations didn't even have the glorified 'shoe'

Now considering I have just got out of bed, and write this while I eat my breakfast, I have to stop here.  This is making me think too hard for such an early hour!

As a man thinketh... Each generation will have its thoughts and opinions.

This books makes me think we will still have similar views in the future, as yesterday, only we will not realise so.


"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."" With that simple but profound philosophy and the right application of thought you can overcome obstacles, reach goals, improve health, and achieve serenity. Since its initial publication a century ago, millions around the world have responded to James Allen's powerful message of positive thinking and have used it to achieve their maximum potential. Included in this edition are Allen's insightful "Morning and Evening Thoughts, " a collection of beautiful daily meditations that feed the mind and soul."

This was available from and Book depository

Happy reading

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