Monday 16 November 2015

Worthy of Repeating

Hi everyone,

I joined in with some authors and publishers today in a writers panel.  It was awesome to meet these great people.  It was interesting to hear their journey's through the publishing world.  The dynamics of publishing ebooks, printed books, family reunion books and blogs.  The view from the publishes side of the printing and all the extras people don't always take into account before seeking publishing.  It was also interesting to hear how each person set out to write their books.  I teach children how to write and there seem to be so many rules and structures to learn.  Then you listen to authors and their writing follows passion, character formation, instinct and the enjoyment of the journey.

There was the argument of ebooks verses print, as everyone has their own a view on what's best.  I like to have the option of both.  There is nothing like a new book, a coffee, chocolate and a lie in on a day off.  Then again, when you are delivering children from after school activity to the next event, there is a place for the kindle to be tucked quietly inside my handbag.  The kindle enables me to take the characters everywhere I go.  They travel quite happily never complaining (out loud anyway).

I now have a few extra books on my 'to be read list'.  I am especially awaiting the arrival of Syd and Max Head to Bluff.  This book is connected to my family in just a little way and will have to gain a place on my bookshelf.  Syd and Max books is a series of picture books based around the Southland area in New Zealand.  If you can get your hands on Snail Mail then you are in for an artistic treat inside a children's book.  These books will be added to The Ship of Sight and the Hand of Shadow, that Brydie Walker Bain has kindly sent me a copy of.  Keep checking in so I can let you know about each one as I read them.

Anyway, this lead me to this weeks Worthy of Repeating.  I found this over at  There are lots of quotes on their site, free and able to be used for wallpaper on your PC.  As I enjoy poetry and quotes I couldn't resist this one.  We spend far too much time dwelling on the past rather than writing the next chapter.  After all what is it that you want to be remembered for?  Why keep reminding everyone of the things we cannot change rather than showing them the greatness we all hold somewhere inside.  Start writing the next chapter and make it greater than the last... your worth it.


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