Friday 20 November 2015

Valley of Chaya

Valley of Chaya
Author: Tracey Hoffmann

Hi everyone,
When I first got this book I was only able to find this book in Ebook format.  I am so pleased to see that it is now available in print.  I have this on my Kindle shelf, but it needs to be lined up on my bookcase too.  This is the best book I have every come across addressing the issue of human trafficking.  The lengths the family goes to, to find Charlotte makes one want to cry.  The bond that Charlotte makes with one little girl is immense.  The result of the abduction brings an ending that will challenge your moral thinking.  If you have an e-reader then add it to your wish list, or better yet get it. 
I have a problem now.  I have just noticed that there is a second book in this series.  Eli: Valley of Chaya - Book 2, has been added to my Kindle.  Now I need more reading time!  Roll on Christmas holidays and summer, I am going to sit in the long awaited sun with my Kindle in hand.
The best way explain what this book is about is by reading the blub:
Deceit, corruption and forced prostitution are words that never crossed Charlotte's mind as she finalized arrangements for a trip to India. Her travel partner pulls out at the last minute and Charlotte's father steps in forbidding her to leave alone. Failing to persuade her brother Eli to join her, Charlotte slips away under the cover of night setting off a chain of events that would change her life forever. Snatched from her world on the streets of Mumbai young Shanti now faces unspeakable horrors. Her short life had always been one of hardship but she'd always felt protected and loved by ten-year-old Ashok, her only family. Where was Ashok now? Would he come for her? Why was this happening? Eli and Ashok are determined to rescue their sisters from the dark world of human trafficking. Will their courage and love be enough to bring them home or will they find more than what they were looking for?
Happy reading.
This was available from: Amazon, Fishpond and Book depository

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