Wednesday 5 November 2014

My favourite cookbooks!


I have been so busy studying and sitting exams, that the only reading I have achieved is academic.  I don't want to put you to sleep so, I thought I would talk cooking.  Who doesn't like food!

Edmonds Cookery Book
The Edmonds Cooker Book.  Old but tried and I have to say it has always been in my home.  I learnt from this cook book.  It was the only cook book I used apart from my mothers hand written cook book, until I left home.  To be completely honest with you, I never touched another cook book for years after I left home.  My daughter uses this now to bake.  She hasn't touched any other recipes in this book but she keeps going back to it for baking.  This is one book I would give to anyone leaving home who doesn't do much cooking.  It has been around so long that the ingredients are kitchen staples.  One highly recommended, old but true cook book.

Nourishing Traditions
Nourishing Traditions, this is more than a cook book.  With over 600 recipes you cant really go wrong.  I have tried quite a few recipes in this book and I especially love the Moroccan chicken.  I love the left overs the next day on pizza with loads of vegetables.  The reason I love this book though is the nutritional information.  It is packed with information.  It isn't any normal recipe book. Looking at all the diets out there today that talk of going back to the traditional diets... Nourishing Traditions has been giving readers this insight for years.  But it also explains all the nutritional facts and traditional cooking interventions that have long been forgotten, but are coming back into fashion today as people question the processing of foods.

The Revive Cafe Cookbook
Now for my new favourite!
The Revive Cafe Cookbook.  I can not speak highly enough about this book.  And... there are four in the series so far!  I keep collecting.  The recipes are Divine, and ever so healthy.  I have a whole new way of cooking thanks to the revive cookbooks.  I am longing now to get my hands on book 4 that has just hit the shelves in town.  What I really like about this book is the fact that I have 95% of the ingredients in my cupboards.  I get really annoyed when I get a recipe book but cannot source the ingredients.  Not so with this one.  The recipes are vegan but easily adapted by putting in chicken or any other substitute.  To be honest with you though it has opened my mind to vegetables.  I have never had so many recipes, to entice my family with, that are vegetable based.  The kids love dinner time now.  No more meat and three veg in our house anymore.  The table is full of Divine meals based on veges.  Yum!  I cannot wait until tea time now.

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