Thursday 13 November 2014

I am in here


I am in here
Authors: Elizabeth M Bonker and Virginia G Breen
ISBN: 978-0-8007-2071-1
Pages: 233

I am in Here: The Journey of a Child with Autism Who Cannot Speak But Finds Her Voice
Elizabeth is a young girl with autism who cannot speak but writes the most amazing beautiful poetry.  Elizabeth and her brother were normal children until they received their vacinations.  The result was a life with autism.  Through the help of a great teacher she was shown how to write on  a keyboard.  This girl wants to help the world understand autism and through this book and her poetry she has, at least, enabled me to see autism differently.  Her poetry says "I am in here".  That touched my heart.  How often do we look at people who have disabilities and think of the as not all in there.  I think if we were all honest we have all thought differently of people who cannot talk fluently, or those who are not the same as what we class as normal.  Reading this book I would say Elizabeth has more to offer the world, even without speech, than many other individuals around.  Take a look at this book for understanding of autism, but also for the poetry of a girl who speaks loudly through the written word.  She has a beautiful heart.
I sometimes fear
That people cannot understand
That I hear
And I know
That they don't believe I go
To every extreme
To try to express
My need to talk.
If only they could walk
In my shoes
They would share my news:
I am in here
And trying to speak every day
In some kind of way
(age 9)
(Page 23)

So Much to Do
There was a girl
Who spent her life in a whirl
Going here and there
With no time to spare.
She missed the times
When the bells would chime.
Anxious to fill her day
She did not see the flower blooming
Or the airplane zooming.
She missed some of the best of life
In her strife
To do it all.
(Page 47)
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