Tuesday 14 October 2014

Helen Keller


Helen Keller
Author: Margaret Davidson
ISBN: 978-0-590-42404-2
Pages: 95

Helen Keller
My son loved reading this book.  He told me it was one of the most understandable books he has read. The best thing is he has also retained all the information.  It is an easy read chapter book full of information about the life of Helen Keller, yet told in story form.  It inspired him enough to get sign language books from the library and learn some sign language.  I really like books that inspire more from children.  In the back of the book are prints of Helen including a picture of her with her inspirational teacher, Annie Sullivan.  I would like to read more about Annie Sullivan.  She was the driving force behind the character of Helen Keller.  She had sight problems of her own yet went on to teach Helen while never limiting her for her disabilities.  I highly recommend this book for both young readers and adults who want a quick informative read about an inspirational girl.
This was available from: Book depository and Fishpond

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