Tuesday 31 January 2023

2023 is here!


Hi Everyone

Most of you my students are returning to school this week and there are a few that commence next week. I am ready to have you back on board for tutoring again as of next week. It is going to be a good year! 

I have spent the holidays cycling the West Coast, kayaking in Southland, swimming in the lakes of Central Otago, and collecting great resources to support your learning.  I am looking forward to having all of my students either bounce back into my tutoring room or tune in online next week. I want to hear all about the fun adventures that you have had over the Christmas holidays and wait eagerly to see all of your smiling faces again.

Welcome back also to those beyond the land of my county, who connect here to read the book review, poetry, and quotes that I put out for each and every one of you. I have plenty to give to you also, and with our next season here being autumn the books will be picked up again. I have a huge of TBRs to read and report on so keep checking in.

Looking forward to a great year of learning and sharing

Happy reading

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