Thursday 4 August 2022

Animal Magic

 Animal Magic
By Cherie Amazing
ISBN: 9781787009080



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The illustrations are bright, big, and vivid documentations of the words on each page. They are enough alone to make any child pick it up over again to make up their own story.

Alongside the beautiful illustrations, Cherie Zamazing has written a brilliant piece of imaginative artistry that will capture any audience. The literary use of onomatopoeia brings the story alive with words such as bubble, fizz, squawk, swish, and, swoop, highlighted in fancy large print amongst the sentences. Not only can this book be read and enjoyed, but it can also be used to highlight poetic usage in numerous ways.

A very cleverly formed, illustrated, and written picture book.



When a young boy accidentally knocks a painted fish pebble into the water, he cannot believe his eyes…

‘Suddenly, there was a flash of light and a bubble and fizz! Peter jumped back and saw a new colourful fish swimming around the fishbowl. Peter’s pebble had come to life!’

Cherie Zamazing’s charming illustrations perfectly capture a young boy’s wonderment as his creativity provides the magic for an adventure beyond his wildest dreams.

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