Tuesday 11 May 2021

The Colour of Magic

 Author: Terry Pratchett

ISBN: 9780552124751

Hi Everyone

I became interested in this book when a friend's husband told me I had to read this series.  I had heard about it 20 odd years ago when a work mate read the series and waited religiously for the next book in in the series to hit our city bookstores.  Hence, when all of sudden out of the blue the series was being talked about again, I thought it was about time I took a look at what all the interest was about.  

I started by looking at Goodreads to see if it really was worth my time. There were 20,234 reviews! As for the ratings:

  • 5 Stars - 36%
  • 4 Stars - 26%
  • 3 Stars - 21 %
  • 2 Stars - 5%
  • 1 Star - 2%
Pretty good ratings if you ask me 😀

So I thought, "Why not give one a go?"  I headed on over to Sir Terry Pratchett's website  to see what else I could find out (Okay I know, I often do my homework on books before I read them).  The webpage is certainly worth taking a look at.  You will find information about Terry Pratchett, his characters and find a real gem of information about his books. 

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book.  I found it so refreshing to read a book that made me feel like a kid again. The language was great, I like a book with rich language rather than the average dumbed down language that can be jammed in between two covers.  Not this one! I enjoyed the way the words tumbled from the pages.  I enjoyed imagining what the world upon the back of a giant turtle would be like (come on, you have to agree that it is a bizarre idea to come up with in the first place). The characters were just as imaginative. How often to do you find chests with heaps of legs that manages to drag you back into the story from time to time.  And... what about the idea of a circum-fence surrounding the edge so that they don't fall off the edge of the world 😂

See my point?

It was like reading a fantasy book from my childhood.  Only, I am an adult and this is a book written for us adults.  And, once again they are being read all over the place.  A classic if you ask me.  

There is one problem...

This book is book 1 of 38. How do I even start to find time to read 38 books all on the Discworld?

Challenge me and I will give it a try, I just can't promise how long it will take me to complete the challenge. 

So here we have it, the verdict is out.... This is worth picking up and trying.  Go on, see for yourself.


In the beginning there was… a turtle.

Somewhere on the frontier between thought and reality exists the Discworld, a parallel time and place which might sound and smell very much like our own, but which looks completely different.

Particularly as it’s carried through space on the back of a giant turtle.

It plays by different rules. But then, some things are the same everywhere. The Disc’s very existence is about to be threatened by a strange new blight: the world’s first tourist, upon whose survival rests the peace and prosperity of the land.

Unfortunately, the person charged with maintaining that survival in the face of robbers, mercenaries and, well, Death, is a spectacularly inept wizard…

The Discworld novels can be read in any order but The Colour of Magic is the first book in the Wizards series.

Happy reading

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