Sunday 11 April 2021

The Gravity Inside Us

 Author: Chloe Frayne

ISBN: 978-1-5248-6324-1

Hi Everyone

Even though you are an ocean,

you could pour yourself out 

and there would still be 

some people 

who would see nothing

but a half-empty cup of sand.....


To read the rest of this poem you will need to get a copy of The Gravity Inside Us.  It will be worth the investment.  I know, I love any poetry so maybe I am not the best person to be telling you that this book is worth the investment.  The thing is.... I only review what I believe 😀 and I have enjoyed every part of the book.

The first section remains my favorite.  Most of poems captured my imagination and left me thinking, which is what all good poetry should do.

The middle selections of poems I would recommend taking your time reading.  I read them one after another one morning over breakfast and then found that I spent the rest of the day a little sad-ish.  It could have just been the day but the poems got me thinking of people and events from my past, whereas the first selection had left me pondering life.

The last third of the book perfectly wove every ounce of the book together and I was left pleased to have been given a copy of The Gravity Inside Us.

I think I will always enjoy poetry and I am thankful to my year 13 English teacher for introducing me to genre and the treasure that every word holds.  I was given gift by that teacher (unfortunately I don't remember her name, I can still see her but her name is gone).  She showed me how to take piece of literature and read between the lines.  Before being introduced to poetry I hated reading.  That particular teacher gave me one genre of literature that I could love and treasure for the rest of my life.  

Anyway..... before I go any further down my schooling years, I will give credit to Chloe Frayne for the words, metaphors and thoughts that she has connected together into beautiful pieces of poetry for the world to enjoy.


From rising Australian poet Chloë Frayne comes her newest poetry collection, The Gravity Inside Us.

Gathering inspiration from a life of travel, hope, long-distance relationships, healing, and adventure, Frayne invites readers into her world. The Gravity Inside Us is an ode to whatever it is we carry that pulls us in and out of place, and speaks so insistently of fate. Through writing about her own experiences, this book is a reach into that space.

Happy reading

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