Wednesday 17 March 2021

And Then...

 Author: M. H. Clark

Illustrated by: Alexandra Ball

ISBN: 979-1-935414-71-1

Hi Everyone

Before I get into anything else today, I need to let you know of a fantastic cafe in Windsor, Invercargill (New Zealand).  If you are traveling, you need to drop in there for lunch or afternoon tea.  If you live close by, then make it a local stop when your out and about.  It has the most fantastic staff, divine food and books!  Books!  I know.... what can be better, a place that gives a great cuppa, friendly welcome and has the most beautiful books, notebooks and gifts to browse.

I'm going to be going back regularly to collect most of their books.  I haven't seen such a range of beautiful books on display for long time - and I use to work in a book store, so I have seen a fair array of beautiful books.

The gem I picked up last week was, "And Then... Story Starters - 20 Imaginative Beginnings".  Lets start with the presentation. It looks like a book, but you open it to be presented with a box format full of 20 cards. The outer casing is solid and well put together, so for anyone contemplating purchasing one, I think you would be making a lasting investment. Every card is sturdy, so I think they will last the test of time.  Every card has a gorgeous illustration that captures your imagination before you even start to read it. .

And then... on every card there is a start to a story.  I am impressed with the story starters.  They are clever and intelligently worded.  I pick one up, read, and want to start writing.   No wonder the box claims to be for ages 4 to 100. I think any one reading these will have their imagination wonder off to somewhere else.  

Definitely an investment piece to my collection!

And... there were two to choose from so I guess I will be getting the red collection as well đŸ˜€


Tell me a story...

A long story, a short story, a story that takes place in a faraway land, a story right here at home, a story filled with bright colors and mysterious characters and all kinds of unexpected things.  The story starters in this collection are your keys to new worlds; no matter how many times you use each one, you'll never end up in the same place.  And just like a journey in a new land, there's no right or wrong way to wander; your imagination always knows exactly what to do.

And Then... is a collection of 20 beginnings.  What will the endings look like?  It's up to you.  Each of the cards in this box has a tantalizing start to a story you'll want to finish.  After the "And then..." it's up to you to decide what happens next.  With stories of underground tunnels, hot air balloons, and un-school buses, there's plenty of creative inspiration for everyone.

Tell a different kind of story - one that encourages self-expression, creativity, and confidence.  Whether you use these story starters at bedtime, on the road, or in the classroom, there's no limit to the possibilities.  Just open the box, and then...

Happy reading

This was available from: Bliss cafe and gift shop

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