Friday 4 May 2018

The art of fully living

The Art of  Fully Living
Author: Tal Gur
ISBN: 9781549929618

Hi Everyone,

I was offered a copy of this book to read while I was in the midst of ahuge challenge to read some of my own books, and reading my last review which was beyond a crazy read.  But, I couldn't say no for two reasons.  First I am a crazy book person who loves to have my next read sitting beside my bed ready to be opened!  Second...

'1 man, 10 years, 100 life goals' 

Particularly the 100 life goals, how many people have 100 of the things?  And to only have 10 years to achieve them.  Now that is a mission in itself.  So I had to read what went on in this mans mind.

I enjoyed every page.  There were so many principles in this book which I live by, that I enjoyed reading about his tactics, adventures, mistakes (if you could call them that) and pickups.  I loved his beginnings and know he isn't finished even as I close the final page.  I can't say I live by every principle, because I don't, but I can say that many of the things he touches on are very good and worth reading about.

Some will read this book as a self help book; some will read as an adventure; some will read and take on their own journey; and some will put the book down half way through and carry on with their lives unchanged.  I like this about the concept of 'fully living' because we all have our own 'FULL'  

What is your 'FULL'?

I for one, like to achieve things.  I set the most stupid goals, but look back and think I have done so many little things with my life... so far... still more stupid ideas to come for me yet.  What are your latest goals?  Do you have 100?  I don't, but I keep finding just one more.  If you want to read about one mans journey, over 10 years, through his first 100, then this is the book to pick up.  I am sure this is just the start of his life goals.  I am interested to see where the next 10 years takes him.


"10 years to live, that's how far I look into the future."
My friend stood by an open window, looking out toward the water from his Melbourne apartment where three of us had gathered a few days after my birthday.
It was a beautiful starry night and the fragrance of a new beginning was in the air. We were all in a similar position: we had recently entered our 30's, and we had just received our permanent residency in Australia. Naturally, the conversation turned to the question of life goals—where do we go from here?
My friend continued: "My father died in his early 40's, so I am going to set my life goals based on the fact that I also may not be here after that age."
Salty ocean air swirled around us as his words sunk in. The idea of our mortality confronted us, filled the room. But instead of weighing me down, it had the effect of clarification. It was a much-needed epiphany, a refreshing perspective for three young men who had already lived three decades of life, but still felt the need for something grandiose, something important, something that would make us feel fully lived.
The concept immediately sparked something inside of me—how would I live my life if I only had 10 years left? I would certainly not waste any time. I would not delay my goals until retirement. My bucket list wouldn't stretch on until I was 80; things would have to get done right away.
Creating a list of hefty goals for the short-term, not the long-term, seemed a little like playing a trick on yourself, but really, there was nothing sneaky about this approach to goal-setting. It suddenly just made a lot of sense.
That night, we wrote down some of our life goals and shared them with each other.
As I drove home under starry skies, there was an energy surging through me. I felt filled up with life at the idea of how I was going to approach this huge crossroads in my life. I thought, "Yes, this is the perspective I want to adopt. This is how I want to live my life."
Creating bucket lists and New Year's resolutions had never been my thing. Tonight, for the first time, I felt the power of making those lists.
Back in my apartment, I rushed to write down more goals that buzzed through my mind. The list grew rapidly until I reached 100 life goals for the next decade of my life. Ten years, 100 goals—the numbers felt right.
Little did I know that this night and this list would change the course of my life...
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