Monday 28 May 2018

Jorie and the magic stones

Jorie and the Magic Stones
Author: A H Richardson
ISBN:  9780692358924

Hi Everyone

I have just had the pleasure of reading this fantastic little novel!  Thank you to A. H. Richardson for allowing me a copy to read and review; I love a good children's novel and this one has left me with a smile on my face.

I will definitely be reading the next books in this series!

Normally it is the characters that draw me into a book, but in this case it has to be the worlds.  More often than not there are worlds within worlds in a good fantasy read, but this really interested me because the world the kids entered was under water.  But, not in the water.  Interesting thought.  This is what first got my attention. 

Then there was the dragons.  I am always sucked in by dragons.  I can't help it, I actually find them adorable.  In this book the dragons change.  It kept me on my toes.  

Of course there has to be at least one character which gets on my nerves and in this book it was the irritating professor.  He was so nosey and annoying.  Fantastic writing and character building.

I found the story evolved very quickly near the end but this was good because I often find that my students get bored of reading if things don't move along in the plot.  What I also liked was that the kids can leave reading at the end of this novel if they wish, or pick up the next one.  It becomes their choice as there was no definite cliff hanger at the end of the book.  I for one will have to see where their adventures from here take them though.

Overall a great little read that I would highly recommend to your young readers.


When Marjorie went to live with her frosty maiden aunt, she couldn't imagine the adventures she would have with dragons - good and bad - and all the strange creatures that live in a mysterious land beneath the Tarn. The spunky 9-year-old redhead forges an unlikely friendship with an insecure young boy named Rufus who lives with his crusty grandfather next door. When Jorie - for that is what she prefers to be called - finds a dusty ancient book about dragons, she learns four strange words that will send the two of them into a mysterious land beneath the Tarn, riddled with enchantment and danger. Hungry for adventure, the children take the plunge, quite literally, and find themselves in the magic land of Cabrynthius. Upon meeting the good dragon, the Great Grootmonya, Jorie and Rufus are given a quest to find the three Stones of Maalog - stones of enormous power - and return them to their rightful place in Cabrynthius. Their mission is neither easy nor safe, and is peppered with perils in the form of the evil black half-dragon who rules the shadowy side of the land. They have to deal with a wicked and greedy professor, the tragic daughter of the bad dragon, caves of fire, rocky mountainous climbs, and a deadly poisonous butterfly. Jorie must rely on her wits and courage to win the day? Can she do this? Can she find all three Stones? Can she save Rufus when disaster befalls him? Can she emerge victorious? She and Rufus have some hair-raising challenges, in which they learn valuable lessons about loyalty, bravery, and friendship.

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