Monday 12 February 2018


Author: Joseph Bruchac
ISBN: 9780152064556

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We are back into our school year here now and my students are off to a great start.  The enthusiasm is great to see, and I am pleased to have them all back on board.  To start the year off I read Sacajawea before assigning it to one of my own kids.  Yes, I still assign books to my kids to read; especially when I have enjoyed one that I think they will enjoy.  This book comes from the Sonlight Curriculum which uses novels as text books.

Sacajawea, by Joseph Bruchac, is one of those books that happened to surprised me.  I was expecting a book all about Sacajawea.... in your face writing about Sacajawea.  Even the cover gives that impression.  I was wrong in such thinking!  Don't judge this book by the cover it gives it no justice.

I felt like I was sitting around a camp fire with William Clark and a child, then in the alternating chapters in a tent watching Sacajawea about her tasks as she talks to the child.  It was an interesting voice to be reading and relating to.  It took me far beyond the story of Sacajawea and into the history of all the participants of the events.  There were highs and lows; freedom, capture, and return to freedom; a balance of good and bad.  The plot was well put together and the characters captured me amongst their stories.

Overall I give this little book a very high rating.  I really enjoyed it.  Maybe that is because it was beyond what I expected, or maybe it was a genuine good read.  I think it was a genuine good read but you read it as see what you think.  Leave me a comment if you have read it and recommend it to other young readers too.


Discover the expedition that put Lewis and Clark on the map, and the remarkable woman who made it possible.

At just seventeen years old, Sacajawea had already been kidnapped, gambled away to a french trader who wanted her for his wife, and was pregnant with her first child.  But her greatest challenge was about to begin.  As Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark started their journey to forge a path from the Mississippi River tot he Pacific Ocean, Sacajawea served as their guide, translator, and peacemaker.  Join these intrepid explorers as they establish trade with Native Americans; navigate uncharted territory; battle wild animals, warrior tribes, and disease; and live to tell the tale.

In alternating chapters told in Captain William Clark's and Sacajawea's voices, with authentic excerpts from Clark's journals, this is the true story of the legendary young woman whose wisdom beyond her years, bold spirit, and bravery made the historic expedition a triumphant success.

This was available from: Sonlight CurriculumAmazonBook depository and Fishpond

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