Sunday 4 February 2018

Desiderata - Part 1

Hi Everyone,

I thought it was about time to bring you another poem and while looking through one of my favourite poetry resources, Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorisation by Andrew Pedewa, I found the Desiderata.  I have heard of this before but never looked at it.  I am quite impressed by this piece of poetry but it is quite long. 

So, I thought we could have a stanza a day that way we can ponder the words as they still have as much meaning as they did back in 1927 when it was originally written by Max Ehrmann.

I have also noticed that I haven't told you about the resource, Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorisation, so I will give you a review of that after I have finished bringing you Desiderata 😀

I leave you now to ponder the words in stanza 1 and wish you all a brilliant day.

Happy reading

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