Wednesday 28 February 2018

Booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone

I bring to you my choice of Booktuber for the month - Hailey in Bookland.  She is young and vibrant and brings to us the Fairy box subscription unboxing.  I love unboxings!  I wish it was me getting the box but unfortunately it isn't.  I have just taken a look at the subscription and it would seem that I can get it delivered to my country, so maybe one day.  I really need to look further into these boxes Hailey makes this one look fab.  

I want the cup!

And the book!

Thanks Hailey for bringing us channel.  We need more of these young vibrant book readers to bring books alive for all the other young adults out there.  

So take a look in on Hailey in Bookland she has a good variety of clips for you to enjoy.

Happy reading

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