Thursday 30 November 2017

Booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone

Technically it is the 1st of December here today so I am a day late!  But... for many of you it is still November so I am going with the fact that maybe, you will all just like a Booktuber to look in on 😀

This month I want to highlight Hannah from Beginning to bookend, I like the variety she reads and the maturity that she brings to her clips.  In the clip above, she talks about how she can manage to read so much in a month.  Like me, she reads across a variety of genres and age groups.  This draws me to listening to her.  When I find someone who posts across genres and age groups, I find them interesting.  They bring a variety to the book world and a certain honesty.  To me, it shows that they read for the joy of reading not just ratings on the Web.  Hannah brings this to the Booktubing world and hence, I highlight her today so that if you want to swing over to check out booktubers you will find someone who brings a unique variety to the Booktubing world also.

As Christmas will quickly sneak up on us now, as we all bounce into December as the next few hours tick by, I hope you will all find some great books to give/read this Christmas. 

Happy reading

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