Friday 3 November 2017

An accidental messiah

An Accidental Messiah
Author: Dan Sofer

An Accidental Messiah: A Novel (The Dry Bones Society Book 2)

Hi Everyone,

I am extremely happy that Dan Sofer sent me the second edition to The Dry Bones Society series An Accidental Messiah because now I have a few things cleared up after the first instalment of this awesome series.

I now know what is happening with my favourite character Eli.  I have to admit I wanted to skip pages to see what he was up to.... but I was controlled, just!

After reading the first book An Unexpected Afterlife I couldn't wait to start this book, so I downed all the rest on my TBR list and started on this one.  There were so many questions I had waiting to be answered.  So, I found out the answers to my questions only to be left with more.  I now want to know what is going to happen to the Rev.  Dan Sofer, you will need write faster 😀 I have been hooked big time into this series.

Sometimes when you read a good first novel it can be disappointing to read the second.  Not in this case, this book is brilliant.  I was taken down avenues I hadn't considered during the first book.  Although this one keeps to the storyline of the first, it has more twists and turns.  There are a few more characters added and they bring more to the story.  And I am still following where Eli will take me next.

Overall I am really enjoying the unique plot of this series.



Rooms at the Dry Bones Society are filling up as more and more Israelis leave their graves to rejoin the living. But not everyone is happy to see them.

When Moshe Karlin stands up for their rights, his quest for a brighter future leads through a minefield of treacherous politicians and brutal criminals. Will he usher in an era of peaceful Utopia or trigger a civil war?

Elsewhere in Jerusalem, a recovering prophet hides his apocalyptic delusions, a scientist unearths the shocking secret to peace in the Middle East, and a lovesick suicide bomber wanders the streets in search of his own personal redemption.

In the midst of it all, one chronic latecomer is on everyone’s mind—the Messiah!

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Happy reading

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